What Is It?

Friendly monthly Food Club Games for all! We track scores and calculate player rankings in multiple categories, and winners take all (the bragging rights, that is)!

Currently Running Games:

  • Main Bets Competition
  • Average TER
  • Riskiest Bets
  • Monthly ROI

Who Can Play?

The short answer: Anyone! Both casual and religious FC players, whether they create their own bets or follow others, can join one, some, or all of the monthly competitions. Most games may seem to primarily appeal to more experienced FCers, but anyone from casual bettors, to devoted followers of other players, to diehard strategists who only make their own bets can join in the fun! Picking which rounds to skip and whose bets to follow on any given day is all part of the strategy of the game itself, after all! 🙂

How Do I Sign Up?

You can sign up for the current month’s competition(s) at any time (see the sign-up tab above!), but only those bets announced and scores reported after joining the competition will be counted, so get in on the action early!

Where Can I Learn More?

Check out the Monthly FC Contests Guide for a more detailed overview, information on how scores and ranks are calculated, and procedures for participating.