September Results


Rank Player Total Score Avg. TER Gambit Avg. Bust Avg. Payoff
1 empire539 80.13 19.752 362 48.39% 21.33
2 dlialala 79.93 18.138
3 h_ound 79.57 18.498 276
4 thisisdivi 74.51
5 dragonji00 69.62 181
6 twoforjoy 67.29 17.546 368 19.79% 18
7 suppositoryofwisdom 64.92 226

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finalists in each category:

Total Units Won

  1. dlialala
  2. h_ound
  3. empire539

Longest Winning Streak

  1. suppositoryofwisdom
  2. Three-way tie between dlialala, h_ound, and twoforjoy

Days with Profit

  1. twoforjoy
  2. dlialala
  3. thisisdivi

Largest Collection

  1. empire539
  2. dragonji00
  3. thisisdivi

Best Day

  1. dragonji00
  2. empire539
  3. h_ound

Average TER

  1. empire539
  2. h_ound
  3. dlialala

Total Gambit Score

  1. twoforjoy
  2. empire359
  3. h_ound

Avg. Bust/Payoff: We only had two players for this experimental side-contest:

  • empire539 (Avg. Bust Rate = 48.39%, Avg. Payoff = 21.33)
  • twoforjoy (Avg. Bust Rate = 19.79%, Avg. Payoff = 18).

Congratulations to everyone on a great month of FC Contests! I hope you had as much fun as I did. Thank you so much for participating!


We lost a few players along the way, so this final list of rankings only includes those who played all month. For specifics on how the rankings are calculated, check out the FC Competition Guide, and please share your thoughts and suggestions for any changes or improvements! (I’m still working out how best to calculate “risk factor,” for example.)

Don’t forget to sign up and join us for the next month of competitions!


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