Visit our Food Club Competition Guide for more information about how the monthly contest came about, how scores and rankings are calculated, and detailed instructions for participants.

An overview of how to announce your bets, report your winnings, and verify information for missed days is included below:

Announcing Bets

In order to earn points for your bets, you must post them to the daily Food Club Bets thread on /r/neopets prior to the end of the round. If you are participating in the Gambit Side-Contest, you will need to also include your gambit picks in your post on the daily /r/neopets FC thread before the round’s results are posted.

Reporting Winnings

Participants will receive personalized Google Spreadsheets for reporting your own results. This shared spreadsheet will only be viewable by you and the contest coordinator(s)/scorekeeper(s) for the corresponding month. Depending on which of the contests you join, you will be asked to record a few figures in your spreadsheet on a daily basis (or at the very earliest opportunity) following each round, which may include:

  • The number of bets placed and units won each day played
  • Gambit score for each day played (calculated by multiplying the closing odds for any winning pirates correctly picked)
  • Daily TER based on the closing odds
  • Daily bust rate

Each player’s spreadsheet will be personalized spreadsheet according to which contests were selected when signing up so that you will only be required to report statistics for the competitions you are participating in for the month.

Verification for Missed Days

In the spirit of friendly competition, we generally operate by the honor system when life outside of Neopets prevents players from being able to announce their bets before the end of a round. In such cases, screenshots of placed bets and/or winnings should be added to your spreadsheet (in one of the open cells below the table) for verification. Any changes made to Google Sheets are time-stamped, so Gambit picks recorded  in your spreadsheet before the results for the corresponding round are posted will be counted.